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What is the purpose of this proof?

The logo is compulsory for most organic products and must be displayed according to a specific set of rules. This is to prevent consumer confusion, help maintain trust in organic food and support the authorities in their inspection regimes.

The logo must be used by

  • all pre-packaged EU food products, produced and sold as organic within the EU

Additionally the logo can optionally be used by

  • imported products where the product conforms to the EU rules on the import of organic goods
  • non pre-packaged organic products
  • EU organic products placed on third countries markets
  • as part of information campaigns intended to educate the public about the organics scheme (as long as it is not misleading or used to imply that a non-organic product fulfils the requirements of an organic product)

The logo cannot be used for

  • products containing less than 95% of organic ingredients
  • mass catering operations such as restaurants or hospitals
  • products not in the scope of organic rules such as cosmetics or products from hunting and fishing
  • products in ‘conversion’ (where organic methods have only just been introduced and there may still be non-organic substances in the soil or animal chain)

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